Avalaunch Overview

Date : 2021-03-31
Authors: @LUUDYOR
Reviewers: N/A



– Avalaunch is the first protocol, exclusively for the Avalanche ecosystem, to offer promising and innovative projects a fast, secure, and efficient platform for decentralized fundraising. The platform aims to solve the inequitable crowdfunding model and optimize it via interoperable swap pools, driven by the XAVA token to ensure stable prices and informed contributions.
– Designed to remove the pain points in fundraising, the Avalaunch framework was constructed to remove the confusion, cost, and volatility inherent to launch platforms. An informed contributor should be empowered to support what they believe in and Avalaunch’s role is to create inclusion in order to match projects with their staunchest advocates.


1. Intuitive User Experience
2. Fair distribution of tokens
3. Interoperable stable and dynamic pools
4. Contract and investor protection tools
5. Vesting and distribution
6. Permissionless listings
7. Equitable fundraising
8. Time weighted cooperative staking




1. XAVA Token
2. Total Supply: 100,000,000
– Token Sale: 33M
– Ecosystem: 32M
– Foundation: 21M
– Advisors/Partners: 9M
– Liquidity: 5M
3. Seed Round: 14.025M tokens @ $0.02
4. Private Round: 18.975M tokens @ $0.035

– Foundation: 6 month cliff, 8.33% released monthly for 12 months
– Ecosystem: 2 week cliff, then 20% released monthly for 5 months
– Advisory: 6 month cliff, 8.33% released monthly for 12 months
– Liquidity Provision: 100% locked for 12 months
– Seed: 10%, then a daily release for 5 months starting 1 month after TGE
– Private: 20%, then a daily release for 5 months starting 1 month after TGE


Our team’s primary mission is to bring only the highest quality projects onto Avalanche and create inroads for new users to experience its truly novel technology and potential.

1.Mark Stanwyck (Linkedin )
2.Kal Ali (Linkedin )
3.Yanush Ali (Linkedin )
4.Dave Donnenfeld (Linkedin )
5.Sunil Bhat – Marketing, Bitfinex & eosfinex (Linkedin)


1. Farid Rached – Ecosystem Growth Manager, Ava Labs (Linkedin)
2. Nikola Madjarevic – Technical Advisor, Director @ 2key.network (Linkedin)


1. Orion Protocol




Avalaunch, super low cap and the first fundraising platform built on Avalanche


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2/ Twitter
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