Bit Country Overview

Date:  2021-03-23
Author: @LUUDYOR
Review: @cuongvn08

Bit Country is an autonomous machine to engage, grow & monetize your community on Web 3.0, and it comes with an exhilarating experience for your fans.


There is no decentralized network allowing influencers to create their virtual world for their fans with governance, assets, and economy.

The fans want to do more with influencers. Also, they should NOT be punished by high gas fees. Gas prices limit the adoption and trade of low-priced assets (e.g. NFT).

The assets should not be just in the wallet. Your NFTs deserve to be on display somewhere special to your fans.

Not gathering dust! NFTs are typically collectibles purely for ownership without function. Your metaverse is the home to your NFTs.

Your bit country is an autonomous machine to engage, grow & monetize your community on Web 3.0, and it comes with an exhilarating experience for your fans.

Bit Country is a decentralized world — putting community first.

Everyone can start their metaverse with the token economy.

Bit Country is building a network with an open protocol for managing & incentivizing communities using gamification.

The concept is uniquely invented and inspired by the decentralization paradigm.

Its vision is to allow anyone (especially new users to the blockchain) to create their communities, economies as Bit Country on the blockchain network.

Users can create their own bit countries, blocks, sections, and items as digital assets (NFTs).

The UI offers both a classical web view and a 3D in-browser view of the country.

The decentralized marketplace allows users to trade their digital assets with each other.

Bit Country provides a new way to socialize with a game feel, while also being driven by the real economy.

Fundamentals :

– A bit country is a sovereign virtual world with its own space, currency, and governance.

Bit Country platform provides a system to attract people to join using rules and policies set by your will and/or community governance.

Grow your bit country and monetize your community in multiple ways without any intermediaries.

– Virtual World – Dimension View: The virtual world behind the traditional web view. Users can socialize, trade, provide services, and run events.

VR support is on our roadmap. We are also actively monitoring the development of Neuralink technology.

+ Virtual DApp: A virtual DApp is a pairing of 3D assets and smart contract behavior. A 3rd party can create smart contracts and other media assets to be paired together as a smart asset.

+ Block Features: API provides some “block features” to interact with the dimension viewer’s world. Features include the ability to spawn items, effects, and run events.

+ Subdivision: A subdivision is a buildable area within the block owned by a resident of the bit country.

Inside the bounds of this subdivision, the owner can place virtual Dapp, NFTs, and other assets (3D models or images without smart contract association).

+ Block Template: A standardized layout for sections in a block. Created by the platform or other users, they provide a simple way to get started with block sections.

+ Block Theme: Determines the aesthetics of the block. Created by the platform or other users. Themes determine the textures/images used to style the ground, wall, and more.

+ Block Customization: A block owner can plan out their block. Designating every section, its size, shape, and any other defining characteristics.

Here they can choose a template to start with for the sections, the block theme, title, and more.

+ Socialization: Users can interact and socialize in multiple ways. With the Dimension View being multiplayer with synchronization between the different users.

1. Governance: A decentralized network governed by BCG Holders, the stakeholders shape the future of our network.

2. Powered by Polkadot: Bit Country network is secured under Polkadot’s shared security model, ensuring high resilience and forkless upgradability.

3. Cross-chain NFT: Cross-chain interoperability enables the transfer of any type of NFT asset or token.

4. Customizable Gas Fee: Operating on Polkadot infrastructure allows our network to maximize value exchange while protecting resources.

5. Staking: Our staking protocol is designed to incentivize good community behavior whilst discouraging bad behavior. This ensures the network stays secure.

6. EVM Enabled: Bit Country enables WASM and Ethereum-compatible smart contracts for developers to build applications to run on the network.


Bit Country team is selected to join the 2021 Cohort at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator


Platform Token Allocation (WIP)
50% of tokens are designated for distribution via public sale and other promotional methods to the general public.

25% are allocated to investors and another 20% allocated to the founding team.

The remaining 5% is allocated for community growth, such as grants and sponsorships.








1. Web3 foundation grand program and

2. Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator


1. NFT trading, NFT Gas Fee
2. Staking and Liquidity (WIP)
3. Multi-Node Local Testnet and token governance.
4. Decentralized App – Bitcountry dAPP (WAITING)
5. Smart-Asset



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