BSClaunch Overview

Date: 15-05-2021
Authors: @namlee2u


BSCLaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity.


While projects are on the quest to drive mass Defi adoption, many projects are launching on the Binance Smart Chain due to smart attributes such as high throughput, lack of latency issues, and low transaction costs.
But still facing problems:

  • Community trust: Projects have difficulty demonstrating both the transparency of and the commitment to the project.
  • Hard to raise funds: Investors tend to be loyal to certain fundraising platforms.
  • Low-quality projects: A lot of scammers hide under their disguise.
  • Inconvenience: IDO participants have to switch back and forth between platforms to swap tokens before and after the IDOS. Investors have difficulty accessing diversified investment methods such as IDO, SHO,… in different platforms. Investors lack analytical tools to make investment decisions effectively.
  • And more risks: Fake social announcement channels and fake token contracts.


To provide immense support to drive a decentralized future, BSClaunch is employing its innovative solution to fuel Defi adoption in the BSC ecosystem.

BSClaunch provides a range of tools that enables removing old barriers, thus bringing in positive momentum to witness a better tomorrow. Its ecosystem comprises the following tools that outpace the existing solutions in the market.


  • B – Launch: The launchpad for top-tier projects helps bring the highest quality, safest, most transparent, and the highest potential projects to the broader community.
  • B – Insurance: Locks part of the capital raised by projects in the liquidity pool to increase the liquidity while protecting the investors.
  • B – Swap: An automatic market-making decentralized exchange, a marketplace based on the concept of pooling.
  • B – Tool: An advanced AI system analyzing the market and supporting investors to invest effectively.
  • B – Farm: A profit optimization tool that allows profit aggregation for token holders.
  • B – NFT: Offers solutions for non-fungible token creation and action and also offers a wide range of hybrid funding solutions for the project.

These innovative tools will significantly contribute to unleash the potential of the projects, aim to bridge the gap between community and projects, bringing the projects closer to the community instilling strong confidence for the project’s success.


IDO Launchpad platforms that on Binance Smart Chain: BSCpad, BSCStation, ZeroSwap,Launchpool, Duckstarter








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