Equalizer Finance Overview

Date : 2021-04-01
Authors: @LUUDYOR
Reviewers: @namlee2u



The Equalizer model is based on a single core service: providing a secure and reliable platform for flash loans.

By offering a tailor-made service needed to create a strong foundation, Equalizer aspires to become a solid building block of the Decentralized Finance market.
Vision at Equalizer is that decentralized finance is ushering in a new era of innovation and business opportunities, from which everybody can profit.

Equalizer will become a core ecosystem player through our dedicated flash lending platform, generating value for all stakeholders.


1. Dynamic Fees:
– Equalizer’s business model focuses only to provide flash loans. All the fees are dictated by an algorithm that considers market forces such as the number of transactions, interactions, and by the community through governance voting.

This allows Equalizer to keep lending fees as low as possible so it doesn’t cut out into the profits, but also high enough to be attractive for liquidity providers.

The fees can be fine-tuned based on market conditions and based on governance decisions.
2. Unique Incentive Scheme:
– Equalizer offers continuous incentives to liquidity providers so there’s enough liquidity at all times in each token’s vault.
3. High Scalability and Throughput:
– Equalizer is built to have a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand for decentralized flash lending and borrowing without any lag in transactions.
4 Compatible with all Tokens:
– Unlike the many other protocols, Equalizer aims to desegregate the lending market by allowing any token to be listed and offered as a flash loan on the protocol.

This allows better inclusivity, more flexibility to the users, and profit from new market opportunities untapped before.
5.Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain capabilities:
– Equalizer follows the market trends and has the ambition to launch the platform on any compatible chain that can generate volume: main Ethereum or L2 chains, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, etc.




Total: 100,000,000

Governance Tokens

Blockchain Ethereum(ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain(Bep-20)
– Public Sale/IDO: 1.5% (WAILT)
– Private Round: 12.5% (CLOSE)
– Strategic Round: 10%
– Seed Round: 5%
– TVL Rewards: 7%
– Marketing: 5%
– R&D: 8%
– Team: 20%
– Advisors: 20%
– Yield Farming (Equalizer’s Vaults): 15%
– Liquidity Mining (DEX’s Pools) : 5%
– Ecosystem Development: 8%


1/ TGE: Q2
2/ Listing: N/A


1. Iulian Nita, Ph.D
-Project Lead (Linkedin)
– He is a certified Blockchain Solution Architect for the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, an ambitious pan-European Network that delivers cross-border public services. His expertise includes the designing and implementation of complex blockchain projects based on Ethereum, Fabric, Steem, Tezos, Algorand and significant scientific work as a blockchain researcher on new and innovative blockchain protocols. He is also a successful entrepreneur and a university lecturer for embedded systems at one of the top technical universities.
2. Alen Horvat, Ph.D
-Lead Architect (Linkedin)
– He is a senior researcher and blockchain architect, with more than five years of experience in private blockchain networks, distributed microservices architectures, distributed storage solutions, consensus protocols, cryptography and self-sovereign identity.

He is an ambitious and well-organized architect, specialized in delivering large-scale, complex systems. He is leading the research and development activities with a clear focus on decentralization and distribution, ensuring the scalability of any blockchain-based solution.

He has been awarded the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence.
3. Vlad Ionut Stefan
-Project Manager
– He has extensive experience working with various successful crypto and blockchain projects. In all his years as a professional, Vlad has collaborated with Hyve and 45 other projects.

His role in the project is to build the go-to-market strategy and to implement the business development plan.

With his expertise in crypto-economics, he has contributed to the successful launch of many relevant projects in the crypto space.
4. Jesús Peña García
-Business Development (Linkedin)
– He is a successful entrepreneur in the Luxembourgish blockchain ecosystem, involved in the bootstrapping of many successful and innovative projects.

He will be in charge of all operational business activities. Jesus is a visionary and true believer in the innovation brought by blockchain technology.

He has extensive experience as COO for innovative startups and deep digital marketing background with a focus on clever go-to-market strategies.
5.Stefan Adrian Bancu
-Lead Developer (Linkedin)
– He is an expert in architecture both traditional and blockchain projects including Defi. Skilled CTO, he brings a lot of experience working from 2017 within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Stefan is an experienced Senior Software Developer and Blockchain Advocate. With more than 15 years of experience in programming, Stefan is a full-stack developer with experience in designing and developing complex smart contract applications.

He is also a certified SCRUM Master and Product Owner, applying the agile framework in his work.
6.Pablo Staiano
Cybersecurity & DevOps (Linkedin)
– He is a Senior Systems Engineer with more than a decade of working experience with managing large and complex IT environments.

Being an active player in various DLT projects using Graphene DPoS and Ethereum PoA consensus, he is the advocate of blockchain principles in regards to privacy and decentralization.

He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer, Cybersecurity and DevOps expert.

He is leading the infrastructure component of our solution, ensuring the scalability, availability and security of the Equalizer Platform.
7.Eric Clark Su (Linkedin)
– CEO of exnt.io, Prolific supporter of a wide array of crypto projects, more recently, projects like DIA, Tellor and Orion Protocol. Longtime business builder and founder, with an extremely strong core skill set of rapidly building up dev teams from scratch.
8.Waler Cor Hagigalinis (Linkedin)
– He is the CEO of a top IT Integrator company, leading the market development and innovation in Data Center and Telecommunication Infrastructure.
9.Catalin Ionescu (Linkedin)

– He is an ambitious CTO for fintech applications with a focus on the banking and lending sectors.
10.Kal Ali (Linkedin)
– COO at Orionprotocol.io , Founder, strategic advisor, angel investor, philanthropist, uncle, brother, and son- Kal wears the many hats that life has to offer, and he wears them well.
11.Jonas Lamis (Linkedin)

– CEO at StakerDAO, founder of many successful projects on the Tezos ecosystem, specialized in staking services and distributed autonomous organizations, Defi builder, blockchain advocate – Jonas has the perfect blend of skills to boost valuable crypto projects.
12.Stefan Vlad (Linkedin)
– He is an IT professional with more than 15 years of extensive sales experience in the complex IT solutions arena, currently working as a Cloud Specialist at Microsoft, Switzerland.


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6. Blocksync Ventures
7. Rarestone CAPITAL
8. Exnetwork Capital



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