Bull Perks Overview

Date: 06-06-2021
Author: @namlee2u



Other sites provide so-called investment, like Vc’s, however, you only win and gain allocation for projects if you join early. As a result, it resembles a private club. Bull Perks is the most equitable platform of them all, and everyone will have the opportunity to invest in certain projects.

Bull Perks is a decentralized community VC and launchpad coupled with multichain capabilities. The platform will give users access to exclusive projects at ground floor prices not available to the average trader. At Bull Perks, they pride themselves on inclusivity by offering multiple investment tier options to holders.


There is equal access to investment opportunities. Unlike some other VCs that have morphed into private clubs, Bull Perks offer opportunities to everyone with an interest in blockchain projects, not just VC firms and angel investors.

This presents a chance for any blockchain enthusiast to contribute towards funding the future.

More importantly, Bull Perks constantly scout for numerous blockchain projects, so there is enough to go around for everyone. Bull Perks operate an equity-based investment model that adequately secures investor’s interest and returns.

With a careful understanding of the relevant regulatory requirements, Bull Perks create a secure investment platform for the next-generation blockchain start-ups.


Ticker: BLP
Token Standard: ERC-20, BEP-20
Blockchain: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
Token Type: Utility
Total Supply: 300.000.000 BLP


Treasury: 27.5%
Liquidity and Staking rewards: 20%
Token sale: 19.5%
Team: 13% (1 year cliff and then 8.33% per month)
Foundation: 10%
Advisory: 5% (8 months cliff and then 8.33% per month)
Operations: 5%

Token Sale

1.Seed Round: 2%
Price: 0.02$
Total Tokens: 6.000.000 BLP
Total Raise: 120.000$
Release: 5% TGE – month 1, 5% month 2, and 9% every month after

2.Strategic Round: 5.5%
Price: 0.03$
Total Tokens: 16.666.000 BLP
Total Raise: 500.000$
Release: 8% TGE – 9.2% Every month later

3.Private Round: 10%
Price: 0.04$
Total Tokens: 30.000.000 BLP
Total Raise: 1.200.000$
Release: 11% TGE – 8.9% every month after

4.Public Round: 2%
Price: 0.05$
Total Tokens: 6.000.000 BLP
Total Raise: 300.000$
Release: 50% TGE, 25% each following month

TOTAL RAISE: 2.120.000$


1.Eran Elhanani

Eran Elhanani is the founder of Partone Capital – an investment firm Focused on Defi, NFT and protocols on blockchain as well as a Co-founder of Bullperks and a Venture Partner at a boutique VC where he’s focused on Fintech and Blockchain.

2.Constantin Kogan

Constantin is an entrepreneur, digital asset investor since 2012, and blockchain technologies enthusiast with 10+ years of corporate leadership and experience in the technology and finance sectors.

3.Dmitry Chirun

Over 20 years of creating and managing remote teams in a variety of industries both startups and established enterprises.

Building engineering teams from concept to delivery. Software architecture, product management, and business development. X shaped

Currently focused on Blockchain, AI space, and VR/AR, Gaming.
International speaker about blockchain, gamification, user engagement.

          and more…


Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran – CEO & FOunder GD 10 Venture
Josh Meier – Eqifi
Shane McQuillan – VP Alphabit Fund


Moon Whale
GD10 Ventures
Shima Capital
Au21 Capital




That’s not a new idea when we have lots of competitors such as other ventures or DAO, Extra which have membership by subscription or selling their tokens.

The project has a strong team and also an advisor which has a lot of value network and experience. So the potential for this project only happens when the market still is on bull-run, and lots of risks when on down turn.

BTA Ventures