ColdStack Project Overview

Date: 23/03/2021
Author: @namlee2u


Coldstack is an aggregator which provides users with unified APIs and billings, and an automated system that helps choose the best-suited cloud for each file users to choose to upload and store.

Coldstack allows users to combine multiple Decentralized Clouds in one dApp and makes it unnecessary to perform any data migration while switching from one Decentralized Cloud to another.

It is designed to deal with bulk data such as logs or archives for projects like Defi analytics dApps, Web3 infrastructure services or DAO Platforms.

ColdStack is the world’s first Decentralized Cloud Storage Aggregator. They supply our users with a unified API that allows them to upload and retrieve data to any Cloud Storage.
Thus, they were spared from having to deal with different APIs of different Decentralized
Clouds. When the file is uploaded, they provide users with a unique ID and use blockchain to store all the upload (and, later on, billing and retrieve) transactions.



1.Decentralized Cloud Storages still face several problems on the way to mass adoption. Amongst these are:

-The fact that integration into daily operations and systems can take a huge amount of time and effort
-The lack of a unified API or billing mechanism
-The inability of developers to reuse existing tools or SDK clients
-The difficulty in combining multiple -Decentralized Clouds in one single dApp
-The difficulty in migrating data from one Cloud Storage to another.
2.Coldstack is an aggregator which provides users with unified APIs and billings, and an automated system that helps choose the best-suited cloud for each file users to choose to upload and store.

3.Provide the simplest, fastest and most affordable way to unleash the power of Decentralized Clouds for the projects within the crypto space and beyond.


I/Cloud Aggregator:
1.Simple and seamless integration with the all-in-one platform
2.Unified API for easy data storage and retrieval: anytime, anywhere
3.No data migration needed to switch between Decentralized Clouds

II/NFT Support:

1.ERC-721 NFT, ERC-1115 NFT
2.Universal Digital Asset Storage for any NFT marketplace
III/Designed for Defi:
1.Transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable
2.Large hybrid datasets (like payout schedules and token bonding curves)
3.Web3 based “all-in-one” experience for unified data management

IV/Cold Storage:

1.Best suited for “Cold” data (eg. Amazon Glacier or Google Coldline)
2.“Cold” data is rarely used but must be stored for a long time or even forever
3.100x cheaper and relatively slower than usual storages like Amazon Clouds






1.Alexander Shishow(CEO)
-Chief of Product at Prometeus Labs: decentralized network for data monetization. Founded and ran three AI-based companies.
-15+ years of experience as a product leader and business development expert.

2.Victor Nagaitsev(CTO)
-Head of Decentralized Data Clouds integration in Prometeus Labs, responsible for data mining and analysis.
-10+ years of experience as a software development team leader, AI / Bigdata expert, and blockchain architect.

3.Denis Vorobiev
-AI developer at Scorch: Hybrid clouds, multi-cloud clusters, cross-platform neural network execution environment.
-7+ years of experience as a cloud engineer: AWS, Google Clouds, and Azure, design, and implementation of cloud solutions.


1.Vladislavs Semjonovs(Investment and Partnership)
-Chief Operating Officer at Prometeus Labs, CEO and founder of Prosper

2.Iva Wisher(Marketing and Strategy)
-Chief Operating Officer at Prometeus Labs, co-founder of Prosper




Spark Digital Capital
Paribus Ventures
BlackEdge Capital
Au21 Capital
Stacking Ventures
Solidity Ventures
Tenzor Capital
Morningstar Ventures
Drops Ventures


Twitter: @coldstack_io
Telegram: @coldstackio


We believe that ColdStack is true Uber for Decentralized Clouds that will supply users with simple and reliable Cold Data Storage solution at the lowest cost ever.

That will encourage users (not just dApp developers, but also the businesses beyond crypto community) to try Decentralized Clouds as their data storage providers.

That will create a strong and ever-growing demand for $CLS tokens and allow the original token purchasers and System early adopters to participate the success of the ColdStack ecosystem.

BTA Ventures