Defactor Overview

Date : 2021-05-26
Author: Harry
Reviewer: @namlee2u

Even experienced financial professionals find it difficult to navigate the world of decentralized finance (Defi).

However, with the rapid development of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and related industries, individuals interested in the future of finance cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.

They require a partner who can guide them through the market. Defactor is the solution to all of these issues: an easy-to-use platform that enables real-world asset originators to seamlessly access Defi liquidity while also providing investors with insight into the underlying assets being funded.

It has an easy-to-use application for authenticating and onboarding assets, allowing for cryptocurrency and fiat bridging, connection to liquidity pools, insurance protection, and strong governance and community support.



Token Name: Defactor
Ticker: FACTR
Blockchain: Ethereum
Type: Utility
Total Supply: 300.000.000 FACTR




Use Case

  • Stake Weighted Governance

$FACTR holders can vote on key operational decisions and activities such as fees, target markets & risk appetite.

  • Incentivising Positive Actions

Positive actions are rewarded with $FACTR, those who own are partners in the system and are rewarded for their contribution as asset originators, deal managers, validators, stakers, etc

  • Reduced Fees

Large stakers of Defactor will be able to avail of discounts on rates charged, their stake at risk is counted towards their reputational scorecard.

  • Network Access

Staked $FACTR is required for access to the network and our partners.


Phase 1 – Launch: 2021

Key goals:

  • Asset originator onboarding
  • Implement external Oracles
  • Enhance existing credit risk analysis
  • Automated accounting
  • Token Generation and Management
  • Payment automation
  • Insurance Integration
Phase 2 – Grow: 2022

Key Goals:

  • Additional asset classes
  • Additional liquidity pools
  • Deal Management and Liquidation
  • Collateral Management
  • Staking pools
Phase 3 – Scale: 2023+

Key Goals:

  • Additional asset classes
  • Enhanced insurance management
  • Investor Portal and Analytics
  • Decentralization / Majority Community Governed




  • Ernesto Vila – CEO
    Currently Consol Freight’s Co-founder and CEO, He has an extensive track record in international Logistics and is an early adopter of Defi
  • Bhairav Patel – CTO
    Currently MD of Atom CTO and Virtual CTO for Consol Freight. He has extensive experience in building FinTech platforms providing finance globally
  • Alejandro Gutierrez – COO
    Currently Consol Freight’s Co-founder and CSO. He has extensive experience in Supply Chain and early Defi adoption for Real-World Assets
  • Jenny Tsaliki – Product Manager
    Jenny has extensive experience in the international FinTech field with her previous role as a Business Analyst in a Forbes Fintech 50 business


  • Brian Elders – Finance Advisor
    Co-Founder SORS Partner Black Manta Capital
  • Stephen Browne – Legal Advisor
    Co-Founder, COO SORS
  • Martin Quensel – Blockchain and Decentralization advisor.
    Centrifuge Co-Founder.
  • Osgur Murphy O Kane – Blockchain Advisor
    Director of Accelerator, SORS
  • Jillian Godsil – PR and Comms Advisor
    Founder Blockleaders 30plus years in Fintech with global recognition in Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Adam Bouktila – Blockchain / NFT Advisor
    Decentral / Europechain / dMerch
  • Dhruv Menon – Finance and Risk Advisor
    Consultant, formerly working in structured credit at HSBC and Credit Suisse
  • Sharif Bouktila – Blockchain Lead
    Decentral / eosDublin Extensive experience in building and investing technology-led businesses
  • Sorcha Mulligan – SME & Sustainability Advisor
    Founder The SME Chain Extensive experience in sustainable finance and SMEs development
  • Sam Noble – Blockchain Advisor
    CTO ZebPay




The great idea when bringing the Defi to come to everyone easily and conveniently. Defactor helps users gain liquidity for decentralized finance (Defi), and at the heart of this is the Centrifuge solution for tokenization that is open, public, and permissionless.

By delivering Defi to Real World Asset owners; and Centrifuge, a system of tokenizing physical assets. A roadmap over 24 months will also see a $FACTR token that powers the Defactor network and allows for governance, staking and ecosystem initiatives.

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