Despace Overview

Date : 2021-06-3
Author: Chinh Nguyen
Reviewer: @namlee2u


DeSpace Protocol is a Defi and NFT aggregator protocol that allows users to mine DES coins while they use the aggregator interface to execute Defi and NFT transactions.

With DeSpace Protocol users can buy, sell, stake and transfer NFT assets irrespective of the marketplace where those assets are, while they earn DES coin from every successful transaction.

DeSpace is built on a layer two blockchain solution DeChain that enables interoperability, multi-chain transactions, and compensation scheme delivered through mining and staking rewards.

DeSpace has its native Dex, lending, and NFT marketplace with various features.


1. Coinback

Mine back some money spent on defi and NFT protocols by mining DES coin when you transact via DeSpace Protocol

2. Flexibility

DeSpace Protocol consists of Defi and NFT products that are built on DeChain blockchain making them multi-chain compatible

3. User friendly

DeSpace Protocol are intuitive and easy to use products and solutions

4. Anonymity

Being ZK-rollup compatible makes users transactions to be anonymous and private when necessary

5. Easy profit

Users earn when they execute transactions via the DeSpace Protocol ecosystem

6. Security

DeSpace Protocol is fully decentralized. Privacy and suitability focused. Best suited for both institutional and individual transactions.


Total Token Supply: 100.000.000 DES
Token Type: Utility
Strategic NFT mining and staking allocation: 3.83%
Public Mining and Staking Rewards Through DPoT And DPoS (NFT’s, DEXes, Lending, Yield Farming, etc.): 40%
Team token allocation: 10%
Marketing, promotions and community building: 3%
Research and Partnerships: 5%
Ecosystem Reserve: 10%
DEX Liquidity: 5%
Token sale supply: 23.17%


A total of 5,670,000 (5.67%)
Price: $0.186
Total$: 1.054.620
Cap: min 52.500$ max 525.000$
Vesting: 2 month cliff, then 10%, a month later linear unlocking each block during (but not more than 22.5% before the launch of the mainnet).
Full unlock 18 month


A total of 8.500.000 (8.5%)
Price: $0.2
Total$: 1.700.000 $
Cap: min 30.000$ max 100.000$
Vesting: 1 month cliff, then 10%, a month later Linear unlocking each block during. Full unlock 15 month


A total of 5.611.727,27 (5.611728%)
Price: $0.22
Total$: 1.245.200
Cap: min 10.000$ max 25.000$
Vesting: 15% on TGE, a month later Linear unlocking each block during.
Full unlock 10 month


A total of 3.170.000 (3.17%)
Price: $0.24
Total$: 760.800
Cap: min $1.000 max $15.000
Vesting: 20% on TGE, a month later Linear unlocking each block during.
Full unlock 8 month


A total of 781.250 (0.781%)
Price: $0.32
total$: 250.000
cap: 500$
vesting: unlock on TGE

Total raise $$: $5.000.000
Initial Market Cap: 2.257.009 DES (722.242$)


1. DeSwap

This is a cross-chain and multi-chain DEX with AMM protocol that supports a limit order feature, staking, margins and even futures an exchange for easy crypto to crypto trades.

2. DeChain

Layer 2 blockchain compatible with Layer 1 blockchains. Dechain is a blockchain protocol that is compatible with several blockchain protocols designed to help reduce the transaction cost and transaction wait time by compensating users through DES coin and DES NFT mining and staking rewards.

Dechain can power DeSpace protocol through a unique blockchain algorithm known as Decentralized proof of transaction and decentralized proof of stake (DPoTS).

3. DeLend

DeLend protocol is an interest-generating loan platform with the release of its stable coins (dUSD, dEUR, dPound, etc) backed and secured by a basket of frozen assets.

DeLend is an inspiration from the MakerDAO model as they were one of the first Defi protocols on the market and their model is time-tested and successful.




1. Evgeniy Tretiakov
Founder and Chief Visionary Officer At DeSpace
2. Obasi Francis Ifegwu
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer At DeSpace
(CEO of Lead Wallet and Business dev. manager of DAO Maker)
3. Isak Saryieu
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at DeSpace
4. Micky Irons
Chief Marketing Officer At DeSpace
5. Olaleye Oladimeji
Company Sec and Legal Advisor
6. Kingsley Victor
Lead Developer
7. Alex Hong
Lead Blockchain Developer
8. Bakare Abimbola Sophia
Frontend Engineer
9. Henry Onyebuchi
Lead Smart Contract Developer
10. Tamunoibi Aprekuma
Full-Stack Engineer
Head of Design
12. Andrew Fennell
BDM & Lead CM


1. Fairum
2. OIG Investment Group
3. Exnetwork Capital
4. Legion Ventures




1. Exnetwork Announces Strategic Investment in DeSpace Protocol:
2. Before the TGE event, launching the first rare and gamified NFT cards that will allow users to claim the first set of pre-mainnet NFTs which can be used to mine DES coin, or farm more NFT cards.

BTA Ventures