KSM Starter Overview

Date: 17 June 2021
Author: @namlee2u
Reviewer: N/A


KSM is a launchpad platform on Kusama Network


Most launchpads on Ethereum, BSC but lack of launchpad that can raises capital for promising projects, also create a bridge for projects to build on one of the most underrated blockchains: Kusama, build on Substrate.

Most launchpads usually late to the scene, the onboarding process is difficult for new projects, high gas fee and there is no support after IDO of projects


  • KSM Starter is targeting an emerging ecosystem Kusama Network
  • Fair, transparent Tier system
  • Has seamless onboarding through a public form and community vote
  • Long-term support by incentivizing the community to hold the IDO tokens and through the ecosystem council projects

ksm feature


  • Decentralized IDO Selection (KST DAO):

KST holders vote on the projects to be listed through a staking mechanism. The projects that meet the minimum requirement to be listed are confirmed for IDO on KSM Starter.

KST holders that voted for the projects, confirmed allocation in proportion to the amount of KST token they staked

Voters have 48 hours to confirm their allocation. When confirmation is not made, the allocation opportunity is put back to the pool

  • Lottery: Lowest Tier has a chance in IDO of projects
  • Interest Defi Commitment
  • Auto Invest: Automatic subscription for upcoming IDOs



Name: KSM Starter
Ticker: KST
Blockchain: N/a
Token Standard: N/a
Token Type: Utility

Total Supply: 60.000.000 KST


Token Allocation

  • Team: 5%, 3.000.000 KST. Locked 12 months. Vesting 12 months, then 20% every quarter.
  • Marketing Development: 15%, 9.000.000 KST. Locked 1 month. Vesting 10% every quarter
  • Treasury: 10%, 6.000.000 KST. Locked until TGE. 10% TGE, then 10% every month
  • Advisors: 4.5%, 2.700.000 KST. Locked 6 months, then vesting 10% every month
  • Seed Sale: 8.5%, 5.100.000 KST. Price: 0.06$. TGE 10%, then 10% every month from the month 2
  • Private: 33.5%. 20.100.000 KST. Price: 0.1$. TGE 10%, then 10% every month from the month 2
  • Public Sale: 3%, 1.800.000 KST. Price: 0.12$. TGE 40%, then 10% every month from the month 2
  • Float Liquidity: 2%, 1.200.000 KST. Price 0.12$. Unlocked
  • Community Incentives: 18.5%. 11.100.000 KST. TGE 10%, then 10% every month from the month 2


Use Cases

  • Staking:

Tier 1: Dove. 100 KST.

Tier 2: Raven. 3500 KST. Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 3: Hawk. 8500 KST. Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 4: Eagle. 17.000 KST.Auto Invest. Guaranteed Allocation

Tier 5: Phoenix. 25.500 KST. Auto Invest. Guaranteed Allocation

  • Governance


Q2 2021:

  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale
  • Events
  • Listing

Q3 2021:

  • Platform Launch
  • KSM Starter IDOs
  • Auto-Invest Tool
  • Dedicate Allocation Market
  • KST Fund

Q4 2021:

  • Smart Contract bridge to Substrate
  • Dao Program
  • Migration to Substrate chain
  • Multi-Chain sales


  • Siwon Kim, Co-Founder & CSO
  • Aljaž Tišler, Co-Founder & CMO
  • Geoffrey Khan, Co-Founder & COO
  • Juri Kopotko, Co-Founder & CTO





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