Moma Protocol Overview

SDate: 2021-05-24
Author: Hai Nam
Reviewer: @namlee2u

The Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending market, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity


Key Components:

1. Factory


A smart contract that can produce and manage Launch pool and Lending pool

2. Launch pool

– A customizable Pre-lending pool designed for community mining
– Community token can be distributed for any projects through the Launch pool

3. Lending pool


– A customizable lending market pool with an over-collateralized loan structure.
– Can support lending and borrowing in any market

4. Aggregator

– A calculator and analyzer based on Pool and market data.
– Helps user solve their personalized Defi demands of lending, borrowing and community mining of crypto asset


  •  Aave
  •  Compound
  •  Cream


  • Name: MOMAT
  • Total supply: 100.000.000
  • Utility:
    Incentives: MOMAT holders receive incentives of the platform via a transaction fee
    Privileges: MOMAT holders can receive privileges and interest for the platform’s lending market and some services
    Governance: MOMAT holders can vote to participate in the development of the platform
  • Distribution:
    Eco-development Fund: 8% (5% unlock on TGE, then monthly vesting over 48 months)
    Team: 10% (12 months lockup, release 10% after 12 months and then monthly vesting over 36 months)
    Advisor: 3% (12 months lockup, release 10% after 12 months and then monthly vesting over 36 months)
    Fundraising: 20%
    Seed round: 5% (release 15% on TGE and then monthly vesting over 12 months)
    Private round: 10% (release 20% on TGE and then monthly vesting over 9 months)
    Strategic round: 4% (release 25% on TGE and then monthly vesting over 9 months)
    Public sale: 1% (100% unlock on TGE)
    DAO reserve: 9% (locked until the system need to be unlocked and decided by DAO voting)
    Community Incentives: 50% (starting from mainnet launch)


  • Q1-2021:
    – Moma V1 smart contract audited and deployment on the Ethereum mainnet
    – Moma Governance Token issuance, kick-start of system testing and community expansion
  • Q2-2021:
    – Moma Governance Token listed on CEX and Uniswap
    – Introduction of Whistleblower mechanism and Committee Price Feed
  • Q3, Q4-2021:
    – Moma’s Polkadot Parachain version testing and auction participation
  • 2022:
    – Moma V2 released featuring a more complete risk management framework and a more powerful oracle price feed mechanism


  • Ocean Liao (CEO)
    – building projects such as Gravity (the largest EOS node with 300,000+ token holders), (a community app with 1 million+ users), and TokenUp Wallet (100,000+ users).
  • V.C (CTO)
  • Virginia (CMO)




  •  Fundamental Labs
  •  SevenX ventures
  •  Oasis Capital
  •  Waterdrip Capital
  •  Blocksync Ventures
  •  Moonrock Capital
  •  Spark Digital Capital
  •  Moonwhale
  •  FBG Capital
  •  Zee Prime Capital
  •  Coins Group
  •  Consensus