Nifty’s Overview

Date: 2021-03-26
Authors: @cuongvn08
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1. Developing the first NFT-focused social media platform that brings together premium publishers, brands and creators with collectors, curators and fans.
2. Allowing members to create, collect, discover and curate the universe of NFTs.
3. Utilizing the robust technology of MEME to provide creators with a premium, powerful, flexible and safe platform to launch their NFTs.
4. Officially launch the platform 2021 spring.
5. In summary, Nifty’s = Rarible + MEME + NBA TopShot + MotoGP Ignition + …

The existing platforms to create NFTs:

The platforms for famous artists and NFTs collectors:
* MEME , where the collection of the bitcoin whale 0x_b1 can be seen here

The reputable NFTs platforms for brands and their fans:
* NBA Fans, revenue more than 230M $ over the latest months
* Moto Fans

Tokenomics: N/A
TGE/Listing: N/A


1. CEO Jeff Marsilio – former SVP of new media at the NBA, having a partnership with NBA Top Shot.
2. Co-founders Jordan Lyall, Chris Your, and Eric Tesenair – MEME co-founders
3. Mr. Lyall – previously DeFi product lead at ConsenSys
4. Messrs. Your and Tesenair – formerly lead developers at Dragonchain
5. COO Jeremy Drane – was CCO at Lukka and was previously a founding member of PwC’s blockchain practice,
6. CGO John Scianna – the former head of growth at QTUM
7. Shanon Kelley – formerly CRO of NTWRK and head of experiential at VICE Media

Investors from pre-seed round:

1. Mark Cuban – Dallas Mavericks owner
2. Joseph Lubin – founder and CEO of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum
3. 0xb1 – DeFi investor and NFT “whale”
4. Institutional investors: Draper Dragon, Polychain, Tally Capital, Liberty City Ventures, and Future Positive which is led by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter and Medium, and Fred Blackford, co-founder of Swing Technologies


1. Nifty’s x MEME
2. With a lots of reputable and famous team members, investors involved, this project will easily attract many brands, publishers, creators, collectors and fans

Other remarks:

1. Twitter is followed by TM (founder of Coingecko), 0xb1, …
2. 0xb1 already officially did tweet about this project


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