Polkatrail Overview

Date : 2021-04-30
Authors: Nam Akihiko
Reviewers: @namlee2u
Vietnamese : @Daniel

Polkatrail elevates the travel experience industry by offering a decentralized app that lets anyone list accommodation, tours and other city travel experiences with no middleman or tech company capturing the value at the expense of owners and customers.
DEFI features like staking, reputation, loaning and fractionalized ownership transform the in-city travel industry in the post-COVID world. Polkatrail NFT component serves as a new innovative layer that makes the experience of visiting a new place more memorable, delightful and lucrative.



1/High Commission

The current home-sharing industry has a high commission fee that is either paid by the seller or the consumer because of the monopolistic market dominance of major platforms.

2/No Transparency

There is a lack of transparency within transactions. Often unreasonable, hidden costs are added as surcharge towards the customers.

3/Business, Not An Ecosystem

Even for semi-decentralized platforms allowing for individual participants, the revenue model is lopsided to allow for the platform provider to solely profit in millions.

4/High Entry Barrier For Renters

The initial cost for potential renters are extremely high for those especially without owned property


1/ Fee-less Decentralized Ecosystem

PolkaTrail removes commission fees to the platform by providing a decentralized ecosystem and application. This resolves the issue of high commissions.

2/ Fractionalized Real Estate Ownership

Users could participate in fractionalized real estate ownership to decrease entry barriers to starting a rental business of properties.

3/ Complete transparency

By implementing blockchain technology, all transactions on the platform are completely transparent.

4/ DAO-Centric

PolkaTrail is a community-driven platform. TRAIL holders can participate to vote on proposals to improve the PolkaTrail platform.

5/ Synthetic Rental coins to own and trade

Curved-price based on demand with a chance to earn from the profit alongside the owners. Listed properties will now get properly aligned allies in the form of Ecoin holders.

6/ Loan Platform For Property Owners

Loan providers can safely lend out funds to promising properties with good data from synthetics, staking and reputation. Owners can improve their experience by offering faster, increasing customer satisfaction.

7/ Travel inspired NFT Marketplace

The Polkatrail NFT Marketplace is focused on travel-inspired art and sorted by Cities.

8/ Stake and Rent To Earn Rare NFTs

Adding a gamified layer that net customers NFTs around booking and exploring a new location, provides a new experience that will increase stickiness and word of mouth effect.

Solutions Details:

1/Sustainable Business Model

PolkaTrail intends to provide a transaction fee-free space sharing application. Therefore, their business model is to make transaction fees from the NFT marketplace and advertising fees.
20% advertisements
10% NFT Marketplace
10% Rentals Synthetics
30% Special City-based NFT sales

2/Synthetic Experience Coins

Polkatrail holders will be entitled to participate in an Experience coin economy, with each synthetic coin operating on a bonding curve that dynamically mints and destroys these coins based on supply and demand. Experience coins can only be bought or sold into $TRAIL.


3/City Collectibles NFTS

These are NFTS inspired by Cities and crafted at the highest quality. These NFTS can only be bought by a combination of Ecoins from that City.

Moreover, any usage of an Ecoin to buy a City collectible burns part of that Ecoin supply increasing the worth of each Ecoin in the supply. All Ecoins received will be converted to $TRAIL with a % used to pay the artist and a 9% to burn the TRAILS forever until 25% of the total supply of TRAILS is burnt.

4/City Collectibles Market Flow

The chain of purchase exclusivity, from $TRAIL to Ecoins and from Ecoins to City Collectibles, allows value to flow back into the $TRAIL token.


5/Decentralized Loans

Using locked Ecoins, staked TRAILS and others collaterals a travel rental or service can take out a loan to improve or expand their offering on the platform. Polkatrail will partner with in-city lenders who will earn TRAILS for providing Loans in the Platform.


6/Fractionalized Real Estate Investment

Polkatrail connects individual investors and construction companies. By providing high-yield real estate investment products for individual investors, mid-sized construction companies can have their projects financed via fractionalizing real estate investment to the users.


7/NFT Stake and Earn

Earn special NFTS by staking $TRAIL into a rental or service before booking. The higher your stake is the better the NFT will be.




– Name: TRAIL
– Total Supply: 1,320,000
– Initial market cap: 243,000


– Sale: 32%
– Team: 18%
– Marketing: 13%
– Ecosystem: 12%
– Reserves: 10%
– Liquidity Pool Reward: 7%
– DEX TGE: 5%
– Advisors: 3%

Funds allocation

– Legal: 5%
– Marketing Rental Owners: 10%
– Marketing for Travellers: 10%
– NFT Production: 25%
– Partnerships with Loan Platforms: 10%
– Development: 40%


1/ Soowhan Doh
Former gaming company CEO, Soowhan is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20+ years of experience in gaming and application development. Doh is set to build PolkaTrail as the next pioneering blockchain platform bridging physical and virtual reality.

2/ Andrei Dan Stangaciu
Full-stack developer, Andrei is an experienced developer leading developments for dapps, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Andrei also has extensive experience with NFT programming.

3/ Jaehyoung Lee
Graduate of Yonsei University, Jaehyoung has extensive experience with the law. With his understanding of regulations and law, he is helping PolkaTrail to provide compliant services globally


Eric Su: CEO of Exnet Capital




– May 2020: Market Research & Blockchain Research
– September 2020: Application UI/UX Design
– Q1-Q2 2021: Presale & Exchange Listing
– Q3 2021: Application Beta Release
– Q4 2021: Governance Implementation
– Q1 2022: Fractionalized Real Estate Investment


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