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TheDappList Overview

Date: 06-06-2021 Author: @namlee2u Fundamental Problems Crypto is Scary for Newbies – Scams & Rug Pulls. The development journey is full of Hurdles. Devs from Hackathon projects are missing the support & networks to scale their project. Numerous smaller networks – less coordination. There’s no synergy between communities to support, invest or build in the… Read More »TheDappList Overview

xp network

XP.Network Overview

Date: 06-06-2021 Authors: @namlee2u Fundamental Many blockchains support NFTs, but which one is best for your project? With this platform’s solutions, you can try them all. Build a dApp without code using the graphic editor or write it in your favorite programming language, then deploy to any chain you want. is a Polkadot parachain… Read More »XP.Network Overview


Bull Perks Overview

Date: 06-06-2021 Author: @namlee2u Fundamental Other sites provide so-called investment, like Vc’s, however, you only win and gain allocation for projects if you join early. As a result, it resembles a private club. Bull Perks is the most equitable platform of them all, and everyone will have the opportunity to invest in certain projects. Bull… Read More »Bull Perks Overview


HoDooi Overview

Date: 03-06-2021 Authors: Hưng Harry Reviewer: @namlee2u Fundamental, which was founded in 2021, has been meticulously developed and constructed to let its users generate, purchase, and sell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment based on the multi-chain. The Problem E-marketplace requires attention to detail. Areas such as NFTs, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have… Read More »HoDooi Overview


Despace Overview

Date : 2021-06-3 Author: Chinh Nguyen Reviewer: @namlee2u DeSpace Protocol is a Defi and NFT aggregator protocol that allows users to mine DES coins while they use the aggregator interface to execute Defi and NFT transactions. With DeSpace Protocol users can buy, sell, stake and transfer NFT assets irrespective of the marketplace where those assets… Read More »Despace Overview


Defactor Overview

Date : 2021-05-26 Author: Harry Reviewer: @namlee2u Even experienced financial professionals find it difficult to navigate the world of decentralized finance (Defi). However, with the rapid development of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and related industries, individuals interested in the future of finance cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. They require a partner who can guide them… Read More »Defactor Overview


Moma Protocol Overview

SDate: 2021-05-24 Author: Hai Nam Reviewer: @namlee2u The Moma Protocol uses a proprietary smart contract factory to produce, manage, accelerate and aggregate the lending market, creating an ecosystem that can expand infinitely on lending liquidity and market diversity Key Components: 1. Factory A smart contract that can produce and manage Launch pool and Lending pool… Read More »Moma Protocol Overview


Derived Finance Overview

Date : 2021-05-24 Author: Harry Reviewer: @namlee2u Derived Finance is a platform for multi-chain synthetics trading (support Polkadot – Ether – BSC), giving users access to trade Stocks, Commodities, Forex or Crypto with unlimited liquidity and no slippage. The asset stored on derived finance could be like synthetic assets powered by Smart Contract. The platform… Read More »Derived Finance Overview


Drife – Taxi 3.0 Overview

Date : 2021-05-11 Author: Chinh Nguyen Reviewer: @namlee2u Current Problem: Drivers are charged the commissions too high for every ride. There is no standard rate of commission charged and it has increased every year from a range of 5%-8% to 25%-30% Drivers who have low incomes often make losses after paying for gas, insurance, maintenance… Read More »Drife – Taxi 3.0 Overview


BSClaunch Overview

Date: 15-05-2021 Authors: @namlee2u Review: BSCLaunch is a smart investment platform based on Binance Smart Chain, enabling projects to raise capital in a decentralized environment, and the community to invest with safety, freedom, and equal opportunity. Problems While projects are on the quest to drive mass Defi adoption, many projects are launching on the Binance… Read More »BSClaunch Overview