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Date: 2021-05-07
Authors: Chinh Nguyen
Review: @namlee2u @Daniel


Centralized exchanges offer a couple of things that cannot easily be accomplished.
First, they act as a fiat on-ramp. They can do this because they have complied with local authorities to allow them to receive fiat money and to reflect that balance for their customers.

Has three consequences:

  • Need to obtain your private data to be a customer. Under the laws are required to get KYC (Know Your Customer) info and keep AML (Anti Money Laundering) records, both of which can be intrusive and onerous for certain use cases.
  • Second, according to the laws and other laws, exchanges can easily be compelled to disclose customer information.
  • Third, the law’s responsibility to keep a customer’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) safe.

If you consider the above three carefully, you’ll realize the following:

  • Exchanges can be compelled to freeze your account.
  • Accounts can be hacked.
  • Less reputable exchanges can run away with both your PII and your money.
  • Exchanges can resort to raiding customer funds to subsidize theft due to security breaches.
    However secure they may think they are, Centralized exchanges have an inherent design flaw: centralized fund custody.

DEXes offer a brighter future for everyone, but solutions required to allow comparable performances are often are much more complicated than necessary for a more straightforward application like a crypto exchange.



Tacen is a high-performance non-custodial exchange focus on :

Decentralized Settlement: Tacen never holds user funds. All trades are done P2P while maintaining the anonymity of each trader. Users money stays safe
No Account Needed: don’t need to worry about having users personal data stolen when trading
Legal-First Approach: the architecture is purposely built to fully comply with all SEC, FinCEN, and CFTC regulations while never needing personal information or centralized fund management.

– The project introduces a whole new concept of trading. No need for complicated KYC requirements, all transactions will be conducted under the Non-Custodial Exchange mechanism (Non-Custodial Exchange)
– Non-Custodial according to Tacen design to use the smart wallet to ensure that only you are in control of user assets.
The project is committed to their smart contracts that have been through rigorous security tests and are completely non-upgradeable.


1. No-KYC Exchange: With a separate decentralized architecture that the project builds, Users will be able to deploy their own unattended smart wallet,
from which they will have full control and transaction. without the need to have any KYC steps
2. Developer SDKs: With his SDK design, Tacen is confident that he will be able to fully integrate with all kinds of wallets, Dapps.
3. Custom APIs and Integrations: Tacen is committed to building a global liquidity pool and connecting as many transactions as possible.
4. NFT
Tacen is already in advanced talks with several NFT projects to connect technology and the ecosystem.


1. Symbol: TXA
2. Seed sale:
+ Price: 2$
+ Tokens: 1.250.000
3. Private sale:
+ Price: 3.5$
+ Tokens: 3.750.000
4. Public sale :
+ Tokens: 625.000
+ Price: TBD
5. Max Supply: 50.000.000
6. Market Cap at Launch: $14.437.500
7. Can be minted: No

Token Allocations

1. Founders and team: 8.000.000 tokens – 16%
2. Operations: 7.000.000 tokens – 14%
3. Partners and Advisors: 5.000.000 tokens – 10%
4. Seed round: 1.250.000 tokens – 2.5%
5. Private and public sale: 4.375.000 tokens – 8.75%
6. Foundation: 10.000.000 tokens: 20%
7. Reserve: 14.375.000 tokens – 28.75%


1. TGE: May – 2021
2. Listing: Updating…


1. Jae Yang – Founder and CEO: Has 17+ years of software development experience. Most recently, as Director of Engineering at crypto & fiat payment app, MetalPay,
Jae led the development of many core services and mission critical systems

2. Clarence Liu – Chief Of Product: A seasoned executive, keynote speaker and panelist in the blockchain industry for over 3 years.
He was Senior Software Engineer at Headnote, business development as VP of Development for Elastos and also the acting Product Director for Opulous.

3. Cameron Desmangles – Head Of Talent: He has built a career around delivering strategic solutions on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world,
with specific expertise in DEI, human connection, SaaS, Cloud, Supply Chain, and Enterprise Software.

4. Corey Billington – Chief Marketing Officer: Fintech & blockchain marketing expert and strategist.
Corey has worked closely with some of the largest projects to launch over the last 4 years, including Celsius, Fetch.ai, Umbrella Network, MobiePay, AuBit and Splyt.

5. Alan Wang – Full stack developer: He is full-stack engineer responsible for front-end and smart contracts, and has held blockchain development positions at Sumo Logic and Huobi.
6. Brian Dunbar – Devops Engineer: Previously Senior IT Engineer at Universal Music Group.
7. David Jimenez – Market Research Analyst
8. Lucas Borges – Market Research Analyst
9. Eric Holmes – Finance & Accounting


1. Shah Hafizi – General Counsel, US & Chief Compliance Officer at Genesis Group: Previously: CCO at BlackRock, Special Counsel at SEC
3. Danny Christ – FOUNDER & CEO OF MOONWHALE VENTURES, CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER – IWS FINTECH: 20 years of IT, operations and supply chain experience across SME’s in SE Asia,
Blockchain Consultant at GLG (US) and NSCS (Malaysia), CEO for Moonwhale, Blockchain Consultancy and STO Advisory


1. MoonWhale
2. Kenetic
3. Pluto Digital Assets
4. Ternary Capital
5. Rokubunnon
6. Petrock Capital
7. Eterna
8. HRONOS Ventures
9. Chain Ridge Capital
10. Floem Capital
11. BR Capital


1. Kyle Samani – @KyleSamani is followed the Tacen project. He is a managing partner at Multicoin Capital
2. Tacen is the first Dex Application in DFinity
3. Has shilled by DFinity Twitter
4. In May 2021, DFinity will start on Genesis, so that it will take lot of project has been launched on this platform
5. Tacen also take a place on the “Startup Spotlights” in DFinity page.


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