Jenny Metaverse DAO

Jenny is the first Metaverse DAO to be built on Unicly. While Unicly is a permission-less, community-governed protocol to combine, fractionalize and trade NFTs. Jenny Dao members includes not only NFT collectors, artists, creators but also projects, funds, influencers, and talented individuals around the world. How Jenny DAO works? Jenny DAO token holders will govern… Read More »Jenny Metaverse DAO

Nifty’s Overview

Date: 2021-03-26 Authors: @cuongvn08 Reviewers: N/A Fundamentals: 1. Developing the first NFT-focused social media platform that brings together premium publishers, brands and creators with collectors, curators and fans. 2. Allowing members to create, collect, discover and curate the universe of NFTs. 3. Utilizing the robust technology of MEME to provide creators with a premium, powerful,… Read More »Nifty’s Overview