Unique Network AMA Recap

Unique Network – BTA Ventures Meetup Series Recap BTA Ventures hosts Unique Network Meetup at Blog Tiền Ảo Community 30/06/2021 20PM +7 GMT Speakers and Guest: Mr. Alexander Mitrovich – CEO of Unique Network Lily – Head of Marketing from BTA Ventures Bao Tran – Content Writer from BTA Ventures All questions answered by Mr. Alexander Mitrovich   Segment 1: Warm-up… Read More »Unique Network AMA Recap


Unique Network Overview

Date: 15/06/2021 Author: @namlee2u Reviewer: N/A Fundamental Unique Network provide NFTs solutions for Kusama and Polkadot Problems: The current problems of ethereum-based NFTs: High gas fees Slow transaction times Scalability Blockchain Knowledge Concerns around proof-of-work sustainability Solutions: BASIC FUNCTIONALITY: NFT Mint NFT Wallets NFT Marketplaces Smart contracts ADVANCED FUNCTIONALITY: Flexible economic models Variety of formats… Read More »Unique Network Overview