TheDappList Overview

Date: 06-06-2021
Author: @namlee2u




  • Crypto is Scary for Newbies – Scams & Rug Pulls.
  • The development journey is full of Hurdles. Devs from Hackathon projects are missing the support & networks to scale their project.
  • Numerous smaller networks – less coordination. There’s no synergy between communities to support, invest or build in the web3 ecosystem.





TheDappList platform to explore web3 applications – powered with community governance, which authorities community to deliver a trustworthy source for novices & rewards for positive contribution.

-Multichain Governance:

TheDappList giving power to the people has been a definitive principle to make the community grow, orchestrate excellence and bring trust

+Hunters: These are the people responsible for bringing a dapp forward in front of the community.

+Voters: Community members will now decide what apps are legit to be made available in TheDappList ecosystem for new users

-Gamified Platform:

Reward and Reputation System: Users will get a chance to earn a reputation for every app they hunt or vote for. Later they can redeem it for a rare NFT.


TheDappList focused on supporting the future of decentralization by providing devs with the launchpad to speak about their ideas, build networks and community with the web3 Ecosystem.

-The Dapp List Launchpad:

TheDappList commits to provide a launchpad for the devs (from hackathons & in general) to kickstart their project and get a seamless experience in building their idea to outcome. Here integration & ecosystem partners work with devs to deliver the best product.

-Building Networks & Community

-Focus less on marketing and more on building Dapp:

Developers can now focus more on building Dapps rather than instrumenting a plan to market.

-Listing Dapp:

Developers can freely exhibit their daap in the community to get a listing on TheDappList Platform.


Bridging the gap between devs, investors, platforms & users – this help developers to focus more on building product and less on marketing, and further leverage network to scale it.

-DAO model:

A DAO that is inclusive of all the important participants mentioned above. They help projects build & grow, plus support them with capital. Thus, it keeps each & every player invested in the project & the overall web3 ecosystem’s growth.
TheDappList token acts as fuel to this web3 onboarding machine – stake & participate. Participants are free to participate whenever they wish to & leave whenever they feel like it.


There will be different flavors of the fund – it can be individuals running them, groups of people, or DAOs. They hunt promising & innovative ideas to fund. TheDappList provides them with the platform to add more firepower to web3 growth. No more close door deals & retail being left out.


Ticker: WISE
Total Supply: 200.000.000 WISE
Blockchain: Ethereum and more coming soon
Token Type: Utility
Token Standard: ERC-20

Token Allocation

  • Seed Round: 7.4% .Price: 0.03$, TGE 10%, linear vesting for rest over 24 months
  • Private Round: 10.19% .Price:0.045$, TGE 12.5%, linear vesting for rest over 18 months
  • Strategic Round: 2.73%.Price:0.055$,TGE 12.5%, linear vesting for rest over 18 months
  • Public Sale: 1.43%.Price:0.07$,TGE 100% unlock
  • Retroactive: 1.43%, TGE 100% unlock
  • Mining: 29.5%, weekly rewards distribution over 4 years
  • Marketing: 10%, 3 months cliff, Quarterly vested over 2 years
  • Reserves: 18%, TGE 20%, 2 months cliff, rest quarterly vested over 2 years
  • Team: 16%, 3 months cliff, linearly vested over 3 years
  • Ecosystem & Security: 4.23%, 12 months cliff, Quarterly vested over 4 years


  • Nirbhik Jangid – Founder & CEO. Prev. Community & Growth at Polygon (previously known as Matic Network).
  • Sayli Patil – Co-founder & Tech Lead. Prev. Blockchain dev at Matic. Open-source contributor to WalletConnect & more.
  • Saurabh Sharma – Marketing Lead. Blockchain awareness & education enthusiast. Prev. Marketing Advisor to Blockchain Projects


  • Kenzi Wang – Ex. VP – Huobi Global
  • Gabby Dizon – Yield Guild Games
  • Garlam Won – Founder at Genesis Shards


  • CMS Holding
  • LD
  • YBB Foundation LTD
  • Au21
  • BitScale Capital
  • BR Capital
  • Double Peak
  • etc…



BTA Ventures