Unique Network AMA Recap

Unique Network – BTA Ventures Meetup Series Recap


BTA Ventures hosts Unique Network Meetup at Blog Tiền Ảo Community

20PM +7 GMT

Speakers and Guest:

  • Mr. Alexander Mitrovich – CEO of Unique Network
  • Lily – Head of Marketing from BTA Ventures
  • Bao Tran – Content Writer from BTA Ventures

All questions answered by Mr. Alexander Mitrovich


Segment 1: Warm-up question

Q1: Could you please introduce what exactly Unique Network  is?

  • We are the NFT chain built for Polkadot and Kusama network. Founders of Usetech, creators of SubstraPunk, and winners of #Hackusama. The Unique Network aims to provide infrastructure for the next generation of NFTs. This includes flexible economic models that enable freemium games, refungilbe tokens (shared ownership), scheduling, nested NFTs, all with full Ethereum compatibility. The goal is to cover the broad spectrum of NFT applications’ development needs and provide maximum flexibility at low to affordable costs.


Q2: Could you please give us an introduction to the background of the Unique Network team?

  • Unique Network comes out from UseTech (https://usetech.com/blockchain/), a blockchain development company that leads the blockchain revolution with Web3 product development and Enterprise solutions on variety of blockchains – Polkadot, Ethereum, Cosmos, EOS, Hyperledger, IOST, NEM and many others. UseTech was established in 2005, and has 5 R&D locations, 300+ employees, with 1000+ successfully completed projects. 
  • UseTech is the first investor of Unique Network, and will be a development force pool which will back up Unique Network in the long run. 
  • I am the Co-founder and CEO at Unique Network. I have been working in IT management for 20+ years, and successfully built Luxoft from 30 to 2000 employees. Our Chief Architect & CTO Greg Zaitsev has 10+ years experience as Enterprise Architect, 4+ years experience in Blockchain, and has built dozens of technology solutions. With his lead, our team now has over 15+ developers with rich web3 experience. And during the last three months, we have also built our core business team with marketing, BD, tokenomics, financial and legal roles. So, ready to kick off!
  • Our Advisor team is also with rich web3 industry experience. Bruno Skvorc, founder of RMRK, our latest partner, is a Polkadot/Kusama Council member and NFT Evangelist in the ecosystem. Other advisors feature Kyle Chase, founder of the PAID Network and Master Ventures, Sebastien Borget, founder of Sandbox,  Marcin Rudolf, a Blockchain pioneer in creating one of the biggest Ethereum solutions; Edward Thomson, who has deep experience in Decentralized gaming and Polkadot ecosystem; and Shaban Shaame with deep experience in Blockchain gaming and technology.


Segment 2: Selected question from the community

Q1: I see you are a Substrate-based NFT chain, why do you decide to build on Substrate? And what’s your plan on Kusama and Polkadot deployment and parachain auctions?

  • Our team is among the earliest adopters and developers of Substrate and Web3 technologies. We chose Substrate because it’s one of the most powerful blockchain development tools–Substrate makes building a blockchain far faster, easier, and safer than ever before. Together with Polkadot and Kusama’s parachain design, we believe it will enable true interoperability and scalability that will revolutionize not just the blockchain industry in general, but also the NFT sector. 


  • During the past web3 development experiences, our team has delivered 5 Web3f Grants, won 2 Hackusama awards, created the first NFT collectibles on Substrate–Substrapunks, as a tribute to the legendary Cryptopunks. We were also the lead development force of Kusama’s Chiba Gallery. And now we are a core member of the Kusama NFT Strategy Team. 


  • We are definitely aimed at becoming the NFT parachain on Kusama and Polkadot. Our strategy is to fund KSM and DOT for our slot, during our public sale rounds, which will start in Q3 this year. So we are not to compete for the first Kusama or Polkadot parachain slot auctions, since entering later is a more economic choice for us. 


Q2: Besides Kusama and Polkadot deployment, what is your current development status? Could you introduce your roadmap?

  • So far, we have completed the main feature development on Unique Chain, so there are a lot to expect when we become parachains! Key components include: 
  • NFT Pallet–done in Feb 2020
  • TEST NET 1.0, Smart contract pallet for NFTs, NFT Wallet, .NET API, Unity SDK PoC–done in Aug 2020
  • Alternative economic models PoC, SubstraPunks, Marketplace, Bridge to Kusama–done in Nov 2020
  • TEST NET 2.0, Substrate 3.0, Ink 3.0, audit, full test coverage, production ready–done in Feb 2021
  • Kusama’s Chiba Art Gallery (http://chiba.bit.country/), Whitelabel Marketplace (https://whitelabel.market/#/market), Minting and NFT Wallet–done in Mar 2021


Q3: What are the killer features of Unique Chain? Could you introduce your main features and visions?

  • For art projects, we have created NFT minting and collection tools, a whitelabel marketplace for projects to customize their unique frontend and branding, and NFT wallet.
  • Other features that will truly revolutionize and upgrade the NFT possibilities include: advanced economic models that will remove transaction fees to B2C users, advance NFT formats that helps artists unleash their full creativity, NFT Ownership Structures that brings democracy to art creators and consumers, NFT Relationships Models that will totally upgrade the whole NFT game to the next level, and last but not least, bridge to any other chains to bring true interoperability.
  • Then we also have a Freemium Gaming Program, which will provide dapp game developers first with token sponsorship, tech assistance, marketing and resource assistance; second, various developer tools and libraries, including APIs/SDKs – Unity, Ethereum migration tool, fiat on-ramp, Blockexplorer, etc.; third, an Enterprise program that gives easy access to account management, custom design programs and investments in selected solutions.
  • In summary, our vision is to cover all the NFT projects’ potential needs, to help them not only technically but also in an all-round way. We believe together with projects using our chain, we will become a powerful NFT community and ecosystem and contribute to the NFT industry in true innovations and in the long run.